Student A is a 9 year old male in a 4th/ 5th grade classroom. His native language is Spanish and his current classroom setting is a 12:1:1. According to his teachers, student A is a level two ELL. Student A became a student at Cooke Center Grammar School 3 months ago after being transferred out of district 75.
There are three tables in the classroom; one of the tables is shaped like the letter "U". The tables are arranged in the shape of a triangle, with a rug in the front center of the room. There are 4-6 chairs at each table. The amount of chairs at the table change according to the lesson and the instruction groups, which are grouped by ability. There are 12 cubbies for the students to put their property in, and 11 cubbies are currently being used. There are shelves in the classroom that are used for games, teachers books, and materials. There is reading and sensory corner that has sensory toys on a shelf, small couches, pillows, and a small library. There is a writing center table and a listening center table that is used for 1:1 work with students. There are two desktop computers and 1 smart board.
I observed Student A during an ELA period that was being taught in small groups according to academic ability. There were 3-4 students in each group, with 1-2 staff members at each table. When Student A was asked a second question he repeatedly said to the teacher "I do not do work", " I will hit", " don't talk", " I will pull down my pants". He refused to write anything on his worksheet including his name. Student A would also answer yes and no to questions that required open ended responses. The teacher asked Student A " What is the weather like outside?" Student A responded by saying "yes". He also repeatedly ignored the teachers request to write his name and engaged in stereotyped behavioral movements (e.g. rocking back and forth and using his hands as doors) when it was time to complete a weather worksheet. After repeated attempts to get Student A to start the assignment, he became agitated and slapped the teacher. He then proceeded to fight the surrounding teachers; head butting, choking, and throwing furniture. The classroom was evacuated and additional staff support was called on the loudspeaker. Staff support arrived and the surrounding teachers left the environment. It took a 30 minutes for Student A to regain his composure and calm down.
Based on my observations Student A's behavior may stem from his inability to communicate to staff and peers. He tries to talk as little as possible and if he is probed too much becomes violently aggressive. I think until a concrete communicative/ behavior plan is put in place for Student A, communicative technology should be introduced to Student A. This may not help with his language immediately but it may decrease the violent occurrences.