I have learned quite a bit over the last nine weeks. It?s nice to have a refresher course after being out of high school for so long. I remember a lot of the information covered here but I couldn?t always remember all of the tiny details that go along with them. During the nine weeks there were a couple subjects that I found more helpful than others. I am the type of person that will get frustrated very easily and when I am upset I seem to just want to drop everything until I came calm again. During the week when we were learning about time and stress management, it helped remind me that everyone gets stressed out sometime in their lives and there are many ways to cope with them. When dealing with stress I realized the one that worked for me the best was to just drop what I am doing, close my eyes, count to ten and if I am still upset just take a walk around my house or even take a walk outside and enjoy the nature around me. Another one I enjoyed was the very first week when we were discussing goal setting. I am big planner when it comes to even the smallest things. I feel I need to be prepared for everything and anything that comes my way. I know that you can?t always be prepared for everything but I like to think I am. During that week we learned the steps to proper goal setting and I guess the ways that I was doing it was similar but the five steps really helped me get things going a lot better. Another one I enjoyed was learning about the University Resources. Before I shop and buy anything I am the type of person that likes to look around and find the best deal. Meaning I research everything before I make a final decision. I liked that the university resources, the library tab let you research anything from academic writing to zebras. I also enjoyed the center for math excellence and the center for writing excellence. Since I enjoy writing learning how to write the proper way was a plus for me. When we got to do the learning builder I actually enjoyed doing that because it was a test for me to see how well I knew the English language and all the right writing skills to write the English language.
With the right mind set anyone can complete high school but actually completing a higher education is where it starts to get a little more difficult. After high school most people are satisfied that they completed those last four years and want to take a break before moving on to the next step. Once a person has decided that a higher education after high school is the right choice figuring out what you want to do is the harder part. With your mind still fresh from high school adjusting to college life will just come second nature and you will find yourself looking at the whole picture and not just at that moment. Having a higher education means that you have a better chance at getting the career you want and the salary you believe you deserve. Not only will a degree help you become smarter but it will also help you feel more confident in your field. The value of a degree is priceless. It might be just a piece of paper to some people but to you that?s your hard work, sweat and tears. It?s something to be proud of.
I have had a plan for myself for many years but never really had a chance to fulfill it until now. I?ve always wanted to do something in money management, since that?s what I am good at and I have done that most of my life. My career of choice as of now is Accounting. I?m good with money, I know how to save it, I also know how to spend it responsibly. My plans for myself are one of two things. I am either going to get my bachelor?s in accounting or I am going to get my associates in accounting and then another degree in business management. I would one day want to open