Summary and Response Essay
Nov 14, 2016
The Misreading from Pride and Prejudice
Misreading and misunderstanding between characters are the essential elements in Pride and Prejudice that Jane Austen has made. Such as in the article Studies in The Novel, Conjecting Possibilities: Reading and Misreading Texts in Jane Austen's "Pride and Prejudice" by Felicia Bonaparte, where she pointed out the most significant moment from the novel, which was the disliking relationship between Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth. The disliking relationship between these two characters from the misunderstandings between each other was resolved from their maturity to have the ability to admit their fault and to release their pride. Through the misunderstandings between characters from Pride and Prejudice, Jane Austen has made the characters to learn lessons from each other through their gaining ability to self-reflect. In the article Studies in The Novel, Conjecting Possibilities: Reading and Misreading Texts in Jane Austen's "Pride and Prejudice" by Felicia Bonaparte writes in her summer 2005 article, she identifies the misunderstanding in Pride and Prejudice, specifically the misunderstanding from Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth. Felicia Bonaparte defined these misunderstandings related to the prejudice and the pride from both of these characters. Such that it was identified as Elizabeth's choice to not accept Mr. Darcy's proposal since in the beginning of the story, and the not acceptable came from her prejudice from her first impression to Mr. Darcy in the Meryton Ball. As a matter of fact, Felicia Bonaparte recognized this as Elizabeth's wrong premised to Mr. Darcy's, which caused the misunderstanding and led this conflict to expend more between her and Mr. Darcy later on in the novel. Having the ability to self-reflect to oneself was how it led the story to ended up having Elizabeth married to Mr. Darcy. In addition, the ability to self-reflect can be seen from Elizabeth's welling to revealed her mistake on prejudging to Mr. Darcy's based on his unamiable words that was spoken during their first meeting, at the same time Mr. Darcy faced his mistake on having the pride from himself that made him hard to explain himself to Elizabeth causing her to misunderstand him, also leading her to dislike him. The testimony from other characters was also the factor that made Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth to understand each other more, and this was also the factor that brought them to solve for their misunderstanding from each other. As a result, in this article, the author discovered the beginning of the misunderstanding between Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth was made from the pride and prejudice, and through realizing their own mistakes that made them to end up accepting each other.The misunderstanding from Pride and Prejudice give an example when Mr. Darcy writes to Elizabeth. Such that Felicia Bonaparte has pointed out in her article Studies in The Novel, Conjecting Possibilities: Reading and Misreading Texts in Jane Austen's "Pride and Prejudice" that, "Elizabeth through the reading of that letter, Austen brings her to recognize not only that she has misread but that she has chosen to do so." (Bonaparte 157). Here the author mentioned that it was not the letter from Mr. Darcy led Elizabeth to misread it at the beginning, but it was Elizabeth's choice to misread the letter. As a matter of fact, this discovery from the author is showing that Elizabeth's pride was the factor that holds her back and make her to choose to misunderstand Mr. Darcy. On the other hand, the author also mentioned that, "The only point of reading the letter is for Elizabeth to know whether or not to marry Darcy." (Bonaparte 158). Which point out that the purpose for Jane Austen making Elizabeth to read Mr. Darcy's letter was in order for Elizabeth to marry him. However, Jane Austen made Elizabeth to read the letter to make her learn the lesson from realizing her prejudice to Mr. Darcy, and from her rational thinker characteristic by reading the letter it makes her to be justice between Mr. Darcy and Mr. Wickham. Over all, Jane Austen's writing in Pride and Prejudice revealed the weaknesses from Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy by having them to interact to each other and through making them to know each other better leads them to