Synthesis Essay: Americans are never satisfied

Satisfying an American is about as difficult as filling a black hole. For a collection of people who have just about anything they could want, including international supremacy, it never seems to be enough. Whether it is money, pride, or prestige, Americans are always asking for more and more. Americans, although already digging into their heart's desires, are never satisfied because they are materialistic, nationalistic, and simplistic. All of these attributes are a recipe for chaos, and the name of that recipe is the United States of America. This leads to the point that Americans are never satisfied in their lives.
For an American, a new car or house is as exciting as a trip to the moon; for the first month or so, that is. An American can be stuck in a room full of clutter and still is ravenous for more, which shows just how materialistic Americans can be. Americans only stand tall against the rest of the world because they are standing on their material possessions. The new car gets a scratch, the new house starts to age and it is off to the market for another. This is a basic instinct of Americans to aim for quantity rather than quality. This can be seen clearest from the fact that ninety-three percent of teenage girls list shopping as their favorite pastime (Source E). Such characteristics do not discriminate against age, though. It is the mindset of Americans to want more, and because of it they can never be satisfied.
Furthermore, Americans do not only use money to buy things, but as a way to see the world. At the start of our nation, success in life has been measured through property; whether it is land, stock, cattle, or riches, and it still occurs in modern society. Money to Americans means so many things to them, being spiritual yet temporal; they cherish and worship it and yet they oddly get rid of it as soon as they receive it (Source F). They would rather have all the success and all the failure instead of moderate success alone. It is these views and ideals that have led to turns for the worst such as the Great Depression, in which too many people thought they could invest and have it all. Americans consistently shoot themselves in the foot for their own selfish needs and wants, even if it means their country has to suffer with them.
Although they hold every material possession in the world, Americans are still a simple people. This is supported by the fact that their quality of life has decreased over time. Clearly, the more stuff a person owns, the less they need. This is not the case for Americans, however. In fact, certain stores sell products in bulk just because they know the simpleton citizens will buy them. Even in The Declaration of Independence Americans kept it simple, the words ?all Men?are endowed?with certain unalienable rights...Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness? show that that it is a basic right for all men to continue their quest for wealth, or whatever makes them happy (Source B). It is because of this simple quote and this simple giving that a Civil War was fought. By never being satisfied, Americans are just playing Russian roulette with their stability.
Americans are never satisfied with what they have, even if it is more than they can handle. Depressions and wars have gripped the United States because of this flaw, but its citizens continue to push forward. Americans, which are defined as materialistic, nationalistic, and simplistic people, will never have and never will be satisfied with the lives that they live.