Tap water is better to drink than bottled water for more than just the reason of costs. Bottled water companies aren?t required to test their water supplies as frequently as water treatment plants are. Water treatment plants also combine fluoride with the water which provides the users in the community with needed minerals for stronger teeth. When using tap water, less waste is created. Bottled water is just that, bottled, producing millions of plastic bottles that many people throw away results in a lot of pollution. When turning the water on at home, people generally know where their water is coming from. When people drink bottled water, they have a false impression that the water being consumed is from that perfect little spring pictured on the label. Tap water is equal or better than bottled water in many different ways.Tap Water vs. Bottled Water
The Cost
Public water suppliers provide the delivery of healthy water to residences at the convenience of just turning on the faucet. Public water suppliers don?t have to make up for the cost such as marketing or bottle production. Also water treatment facilities don?t have the extra cost of getting the water shipped in by tanker trucks.
Bottled water, or private companies, has profit as a motive. They want to sell as much product as they can to consumers. The advertising and marketing strategy of the bottled water industry appears to be built on convincing the public that bottled water is healthier and convenient. Many bottled water companies also have to get their water shipped into them by tanker truck from other water sources, then after bottling the product they have more cost of shipping the water to distributers. Private companies also have bottles produced for them to put the water into, and labels made so the consumer can identify their product.