Technology Then vs. Now
Some people say that computers have made life easier and more convenient. Other people say that computers have made life more complex and stressful. In the 1980s, computers began to take up new roles in various forms. The trend of the usage of computer is changing rapidly. Ever since the beginning of the 21st century, computers are not just becoming more powerful and functional but play a part much closer to our daily life style. Many people cannot live without technology on a day to day basis, and many people would be lost without it. Technology is always being updated and new advancements are always being implemented in everyday life. Looking back thirty or even forty years the technology from back then has come such a long way. The ipad made by Apple, a multi-billion dollar company, which specializes in technology, is a computer that can fit in your hand. To look back at how far computer technology has come starting at a manual typewriter going to an electrical typewriter, moving quickly to a desktop computer and then to a laptop; look where we are today at a smaller version of a laptop and even handheld computers.
If you look closely at a computer, they are providing assistance in the development of new innovations and significantly speeding up the development process according to Innovative Designs for Education. Before the time of computers everything was being hand written, used on manual typewriters which were later updated to electronic typewriters. Over the course of many years improvements were being made slowly and eventually came to a simple computer which could only do so many tasks. When handwriting, there is a possibility to make many mistakes, and back in the day you would either need to cross out what is wrong or restart what you were writing. After time past, the typewriter was invented and for the most part was a successful machine. The typewriter had flaws just like any other piece of technology. Some flaws consisted of no backspace button until years after it was invented, easy to mess up with writing and the ink and keys would jam easily. The electric typewriter came about and was easier to use as well as more complex and integrated with the technology that was available.
Computers are one of the most impressive inventions I personally have seen to date. All the way from the start of writing till today?s date with the high tech technology changes are amazing. To think that a computer started out with being this big item used for minimal things till today it can fit in the palm of your hand and do one hundred things at once. There are many types of computers that do different things such as desktop computers used for your home or office that do not need to be transported, laptops which can be transported and some can be very light in weight. Another type of computer is something called an ipad which can do everything and can be transported any place and can get internet even if you do not have any type of wireless connection. Blackberry?s and phones at the touch of a button can do almost anything a computer can do. Today?s technology is just amazing in the view of what can be done and how effectively it can be done.
Technology plays one of the biggest rolls in the 21st Century today and new inventions and improvements to this technology take place on a daily basis. It seems companies like Apple, Dell and HP constantly are changing and better improving their products to make them more environmentally friendly since that?s the world we live in now, as well as altering products to better serve the community that uses these products the most. What?s the next improvement or invention that someone will think of that will provide a suitable change and better serve us today? Technology, especially computers have come such a long way since it was first invented and used. Everyone now-a-days has a computer that is incorporated within their daily activities.