Tess of the d'Ubervilles


Thomas Hardy?s Tess of the D?Urbervilles is a novel that basically discusses Tess? life from the age of 16 or 17 to the age of 21. We are told of her actions, justifications, trials and tribulations that she goes through along with the events that are significant in her life. There are no subplots in the story that intertwine with Tess? story because Tess? story is the most important. Her life is explored and examined with a thorough approach, both emotionally and intellectually. There are seven phases that the novel is put into, in all of these seven phases something occurs that changes Tess? life and makes her look at life with an adjusted view of how her life should be.
In the story there are different seasons and for each season there is a different mood to the story. The seasons are like moods, they both change after a period of time. For example, the season was spring when Angel and Tess fell in love at the dairy farm, which symbolizes a happy time. While spring symbolizes happiness winter is used to symbolize a time of sadness because the harsh winter at the dairy farm was when Angel decided he couldn?t except her and left her for a while.
Tess is the eldest daughter in her family and because they are struggling the send her to seek help from the rich Mrs. D? Urberville, whom they believe is a relative of theirs. Her family sends Tess on her way not knowing that in fact the D? Urberville are not relatives but Tess doesn?t find out until it is too late. When Tess gets to her destination she meets Alec D? Urberville, the son, who offers help because he is impressed with her beauty. He sends a letter to Tess? family telling them of how he will be able to get Tess a job on his mother?s estate tending fowls. Tess reluctantly takes the job and agrees to work on his mother?s estate. Later, after many months Alec takes advantage of Tess while in the woods and she thinks she loves him for a couple of weeks but then realizes that she doesn?t love him and hates herself for letting her emotions weaken her.

Tess leaves the D?Urberville estate and returns home. While at home she gives birth to Alec?s child but unfortunately the baby dies shortly after birth. Tess stays at home for the next year trying to figure out what she wants to do and then realizes that maybe she will find happiness if she leaves Marlott. She leaves home once again and goes to work at the Talbothays Dairy as a dairymaid. While at the dairy Tess hopes to be able to plan out her new life and is surprised when she sees a man who knew her in Marlott. This man, Angel Clare, vaguely recalls seeing her before but is impressed with her freshness and purity. They become interested in each other and they develop a relationship while the summer goes by. Angel declares his love for her and asks her to marry him. Tess, who is deeply in love, wants to marry Angel but doesn?t feel it is proper because of her past. She tries to confess but it never works so she accepts his proposal and they set the date for the wedding.
Tess still tries to confess but when she tries it backfires so Angel told her that after they are married they will both confess. After they are married, correspondingly, they discuss their pasts and previous involvement?s. Angel tells Tess about his previous involvement with an older woman and Tess forgives him but when Tess tells Angel of her affair with Alec D?Urberville he can not forgive her and they lived as strangers for a few days. Angel left Tess with a double standard, he couldn?t except Tess because she wasn?t pure but he wasn?t pure either.
In the winter angel decides to leave Tess and tells her to stay away for a while. Tess goes back home and gives half of her money to her family and leaves to work and is able to work as she needs it but after the harvest she joins accompanies a friend at a poor farm to survive. When it has been just too long