Mac Hendrix
Dr. Boesen
B Period
The Battle of Thermopylae: Paragraph 3
The Spartans chose to take their stand against the overwhelming amount of Persians is because of their elite mentality. They Spartans were insane, they only took the best babies possible in their own community. They took their stand to show how honorable they are, but they also took their stand because they did not fear death. In fact, you were killed if you feared death in the Spartan society. " In short, the Spartans-uniquely in all Greece- took the view that death in itself was nothing to be feared but rather something to be literally lived with and daily stared in the face. How you died mattered no more- and no less- here than it did elsewhere in Greece"(page 75). The Greeks encouraged death, as long as they could die in war in an honorable way, fighting for Sparta. The Spartans took their stand at Thermopylae because they were a special breed, they were the best of the best, and they were fearless, encouraging death.