I believe that homeschooling is one of the best options for the education of children today. There are so many good reasons to teach your child at home. Homeschooling is a good option for anybody?s personality, whether spontaneous or not, slow learner or fast learner, a social butterfly or a hermit. Homeschooling has many different options that work for anyone.
If a child is homeschooled, he does not have to be bound by a schedule. I know for me, schedules never worked. Because of my personality, I never liked having a schedule to follow. I would rather do whatever subject I chose to do whenever I wanted. For instance, one day I would start with my math class and end with Science, and the next day I would start with History and end with Literature. Without following a schedule, there were times when I was able to have my school work completely finished by 12:00 in the afternoon.
If I was done with all of my school work early enough in the day, I could double up on some of the classes. If I did that, I could have that particular subject done earlier in the year. For instance, if I were to do two lessons every day of the Algebra class I?m currently taking, I could be done with it by March instead of May or June.
A homeschooler also has the option of which curriculum to use. If a child doesn?t understand the way a certain text book works out math problems, he and his parents could simply find another course that helps him better understand the concepts. There are so many curriculums to choose from. You can choose an online course, a course in which you watch a video that explains everything, or you could simply buy the textbooks and work everything out on your own. Also, being homeschooled gives you the one-on-one help that you don?t always get in school.
Homeschooling also gives kids more time to do extracurricular activities. My family did a lot of these. If we were not homeschooled there would not have been any way we could have fit them into our schedule. Homeschooling gave us flexible hours to have Bible Quiz practice on Monday night, soccer practice on Thursday afternoon, and extra time to socialize with our friends without having to finish our homework at midnight.
If a person is homeschooled, he does not have to have the fear of being ridiculed. In just about all public school systems, children are teased for the way they look, for the bad grade they got on their English paper, or for their religious beliefs. If a child is taught at home, he can be totally comfortable with who he is.
I know that homeschooling does not work for everybody. It is hard for parents to home school their kids while they have to work in order to support the family. It can also be difficult for a parent to home school a child with learning disabilities. However, based on my personal experience, I believe that homeschooling was the best option for my siblings and me. Homeschooling gave us an excellent education and a sufficient social life.