The movie that I watched that has many references to our sociology course is The Boy in the Striped Pajamas. I also read this book for my book club and I knew it would be perfect. The reason this movie relates so strongly to sociological concepts is because it incorporates cultures, gender roles, as well as racial and ethnic diversity.
The Boy in the Striped Pajamas? main character is Bruno, an 8 year old boy. He has a sister named Gretel who plays a smaller part. He moves to the country side with his family because his father, who is a General in the Nazi military, is assigned to command a Jewish concentration camp. The house that the family moves into is so close to the concentration camp that Bruno can see it from his bedroom window. Bruno thinks it is a farm, having no concept of what a concentration camp is. He sees another boy at the ?farm?, and asks his mother if he may play with the boy in the striped pajamas. Of course his mother realizes what he is speaking about and forbids him to play out back or to go exploring in the country. Of course, being a curious little boy, Bruno finds a way to the camp where he meets Schmuel (the boy in the striped pajamas). They become fast friends and Bruno sneaks him food each time he comes for a visit. When Bruno asks his dad about the people at the farm and the dad says, ?Those people aren?t really people at all.? One day Schmuel is sent to Bruno?s house to clean the crystal. Bruno is excited to see Schmuel in his house so they begin talking. They get caught, and Schmuel gets in trouble. When Bruno is asked if he knows Schmuel, Bruno says no. He was scared he would get into trouble, and possibly not be able to go outside. If that happened, he wouldn?t see his friend. A few days later Bruno goes back to the camp to tell Schmuel he is sorry, and that he has to move away. Schmuel is very sad that Bruno is moving and also because he can find his father. Bruno wants to help so he comes up with a plan to help Schmuel find his father before he moves away. So the next day Schmuel meets Bruno at the fence with a pair of striped pajamas to help him sneak in undetected. Bruno digs a hole big enough for him to crawl into the camp. When Bruno put on the striped pajamas and was in camp, he was amazed at what camp life was really like. Bruno got scared and told Schmuel that he thought he should go home but quickly remembered his promise to help Schmuel find his father. Schmuel and Bruno go looking for his father; they entered a hut in their search. All of a sudden a group of Nazi soldiers came into the hut and made all of the ?Jews? go to a gas chamber. Bruno was taken, mistakenly, with the Jews. By the time Bruno?s parents had figured out what was going on it was too late to save him. Bruno and Schmuel died, holding hands together in the gas chamber. What courage, yet innocence these two little boys had.
In the movie The Boy in the Striped Pajamas there are different cultures represented. Each of the cultures represented in this movie have different beliefs and values. There were Germans, who believed as a whole that the Jewish people were all bad and they (the Germans) were the best, if not only group that mattered. They believed that sending Jewish people concentration camps would make their lives better. The next culture present in the movie is the Jewish culture. These people believed they had done nothing to deserve the cruel treatment they were receiving from the Germans. Of course they didn?t, the only mistake they made was to exist as far as the Germans were concerned. They were basically treated like caged animals. When Bruno first meets Schmuel at the camp he asks if the barbed wire is to stop the animals from getting out. Schmuel replies,? It?s to stop me from getting out.? Bruno says, ?What have you done?? Schmuel then replies,