Visual of the Ending of the World

In the story by the waters of Babylon, Stephen Benet brings out the theme of the
quest for knowledge. John sat out on a quest for knowledge because it made him happy
and he was eager to learn more. His father was a priest; since John was the son of the priest he felt responsibility to gain more knowledge. John began his journey to the forbidden east and asked his father for his blessing. John felt that if he did not go that he would never have peace in his spirit again. Stephen Benet uses first person point of view and figurative language which helps the reader understand the knowledge that John gains on his quest.
The story takes place after the destruction of New York. John?s people don?t know about electricity or hot water. John?s people uses chants and spells and considers past technology as magic.
Benet uses figurative language to help readers share John?s experiences. Benet uses similes to describe John?s feelings such as, ?Feels alone on a river?. To me this
meant that John was alone by himself for a long period of time. While he was on the river he tried to think of a way to get off but soon after he realizes he doesn?t know how. John
felt alone on the river because nobody had ever seen the river before, and nobody had
ever made the journey before. John had no knowledge about the river and he felt like a
new born bird small and defenseless. Benet also used the terminology ?spirits drawing my spirit out of my body as a fish is drawn on a line?. This simile was used to describe
Benet uses irony to explain to the reader the importance of the knowledge John gains.