One of the most significant messages this story offers the reader is the love triangle the book entwines itself with. Tom in his scornfulness takes for granted Daisy by cheating on her with Myrtle; although he never actually leaves Daisy. For the power of holding someone under his control fills Tom with an immense amount of pride. When F. Scott Fitzgerald pours out the mysterious secret of Jay Gatsby?s purpose in the book I found myself revealed to a lifelong dream Gatsby had all along of reuniting himself with Daisy. Sadly Daisy already moved on battles with a past love she thought she had once left in the water of a bath tub where a love letter from Gatsby disintegrated into tiny molecules of nothing, and the security Tom had given her all those years. Now the question that lingers on as a reader is who does Daisy choose? My English teacher states Daisy chose Tom; since she ends up ?staying? with him, but the word staying in this sentence is underestimated. Daisy doesn?t choose to stay with Tom by choice. She is forced into this by Tom, and the insecurity and doubt she will have to face as a wealthy woman of the 1900?s traditional life style if her decision had gone with Gatsby. I personally think that even though it?s a tragic surprise Daisy does stay with Tom she did end up choosing Gatsby. ?I love you now isn?t that enough? I can?t help what?s past? (Daisy). She loves Gatsby not Tom, and that wins over any material/traditional security Tom could have ever given Daisy. As to Nick and Jordan their love to me was just a supplement of an immature attraction they were sort of forced in; since they were suffocated into the tangled love affair between Gatsby and Daisy.