Miss Julie - Pg1 Tragedy
Yokels=locals? Bad break up with former fianc? for jean- although man said he broke up with her, jean was the one who broke up with him because she was tired of him. Throughout novel it is evident that Jean may hate men since that is what her mother believed. Sick so Kristen has to cook food over the holidays. Kristen and Jean seem as though they love each other. Miss Julie seems to be in love with Jean, but Jean is in love with Kristen, not her. Twisted plot then when Jean tells Julie he was madly in love with her before, and wouldn?t eat or drink because have couldn?t have Julie. Doesn?t want to seen with Julie in order to protect his reputation, and then there is also Kristen. Jean then reveals he loves ?Julie,? she tells him to call her Julie and not Miss Julie. They want to go to Switzerland and start a first-class hotel together. Then they realize they have no capital/money so they call the entire thing off. Figured out that Jean lied he was going to die for her, just to make her say that she loved him. In a weird way Jean has won because he tricked Julie, and now Julie is distraught. But she somehow has to still escape with him. Julie wants them to commit suicide after a week, but Jean is totally against that. Julie wants Kristen to be the master chef in the hotel.
Should be set on the Big Stage?
The Man with the Flower in His Mouth ? Pg 61
Customer missed his train by one minute? complains how women say they don?t need anything but then insist on wearing their fanciest clothes and wanting a whole bunch of stuff from stores. Man is a bit weird? he imagines about people lives ?I get to see this man?s house, or that man?s I live in it ? I feel I belong there.? He wants to be the silk that is getting braided in the store and stuff like that. When the man goes into a hospital he gives attention to the couches, chairs, tables, doctor with his own room that?s lavish and lovely (also for wife, her friends). How do those poor chairs feel when someone sits on them the man asks? His wife keeps an eye on him for some reason- doesn?t eat or sleep just follows him around. She is real not an imagination. Believes home is absurd and cruel to live in because the rooms are in perfect order, furniture elegant and neat, silence and tick-tocking of clock. Wife wants to die with him and clearly loves him a lot, but he the man is totally against that ? he wants to stand at store windows admiring the genius of a salesmen. At the end he says to the customer to pick out the first clump of grass he sees and count the number of blades of grass? and that is the man says how long he will live.
Definitely should be placed in Small Green Room.
Hello Again ? Pg 91
Young man is in prison and calls out ?Hello Again? many times. The chef Emily answers. He is very lonesome. Another young girl answers and says she is also lonely. Man then says he?s going to marry her and take her to San Fran. The girl?s name is Emily Smith- born in Matador, Texas. Man believes she is the sweetest girl in the whole wide world. Man didn?t remember he was from the town Wheeling ? and didn?t know they moved him because he was out cold. The man is a gambler who says he has no luck and she (Emily) will give him luck and they can have fun together. Man decides to call her Katey because he loves that name, and Emily is fine with that. Man is talking about how he wants her to go with him, and how everyone would think he is a good man and stuff? and Emily is okay with that. Then she tells him about her father and how he takes the money she earns? Man is very mad and says she shouldn?t have a father like that. Then he wants some cigarettes so the girl says she?ll run and get them, but they came across the idea of a