The Hunt for the Leetracon

...I gazed upon this magnificent village of the glitch. It seems as though they appear as

robot entities, their culture has been left forgotten, abandoned, undeveloped and

unchanged. The architecture, the roads, the agriculture, it all seems so different from

what you would expect from "futuristic robots". Once a elder in Los Angeles (my

hometown, ah the memories...) mentioned that they shall not be trusted and that they

occasionally have a malfunction, a eternal disorder that cannot be fixed, a random

misbehave that can have fatal results. Ever since I was a child I love to imagine what

would happen if it ever rained down on the village, do the glitch all stop working? do they

brake? Are they waterproof? Soon I learned that the glitch only settle on planets where

downfall is impossible, clever things... After some time I climbed down from the tree I had

scaled to scout the village, I need to continue my journey to find the Leetracon. The

Leetracon is a magical key that opens a gate to a realm where nobody has ever been

before, a realm where a man can predict the future, which can be extremely profitable

and interesting in our society nowadays. This is how it is stated in the Intergalactic Human

Bible that was rewritten after planet earth wasó you know what happened... Me and my

fleet of ships have been scattered all across the universe by "The Overlord" as many like

to call him, he is the president of the United Nations of Human and Nonhuman Space

Colonies. We were all given exact coordinates and locations where the Leetracon may

lay hidden. They have sucked the information out of many wise individuals who have

even the slightest knowledge about it. Many have searched, but all have failed to locate

the key and bring it back to the Overload for further procedure.

I have been investigating every possible section of this planet for 2 years now, my orders

are simple, find and bring back the key back to the Overlord at any cost. And I am most

certain I realize where the Leetracon is hidden... The tricky part is taking it from the glitch

without them noticing it. I have studied the glitch for a while now and I have noticed they

have a peculiar ritual every week, they all assemble at the main plaza in the center of

town to do a folk synchronization with the planets core CPU (amazing sci≠fi stuff right

here). This will be the time I execute my plan. The days pass... 3 Days remain until the

theft, I rethink my plan over and over so its failure proof, I also think about a plan B... 2

Days until the theft, I gather materials that I will need such as ropes, glow sticks, medical

kits, weapons, building blocks etc... 1 Day until the theft, I am quite nervous but I am

confident my plan will work out perfectly.

I prayed to God to gain hope and confidence, then I went in. All hail the overlord.

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