The Importance of Leadership in Chiropractic

Success in a chiropractic business is the direct result of successful leadership. Despite popular belief, no one is born a leader; therefore leadership skills can be acquired and developed. A leader must develop many key attributes before the business can move forward. They include, but are not limited to, vision, entrepreneurship, inspiration, setting standards, organization, and understanding. Vision drives the leader and is the reason for existence and motivation behind why the leader is in business. Entrepreneurship drives the leader to create the business and fulfill his or her vision. Inspiration drives the leader to affect and inspire others to join him or her in their quest to fulfill that vision. Leaders set standards to ensure proper performance in the business and clearly spell out expectations. Organization allows the leader to orchestrate the quality of service provided and set methods to improve performance. Understanding allows the leader to meet the needs of people and motivate them to continue care. In conclusion, when these attributes are developed, the chiropractic business becomes a clear reflection of the leader. A chiropractic business is never successful DESPITE the leader; it is always successful or not successful BECAUSE of the leader.