The invasion has begun! If you ever take the time to look around your surroundings you will see it everywhere. Technology. It has become a huge part of our society and has a way of involuntarily influencing our live. Although it has simplified, enhanced, and revolutionized our society, too much of anything is bad. Nowadays, we see technology being the base of bullying; endangering the lives of many teenagers, not to add that it is making us quite lazy.
It is a common fact that we have all been either the subject or victim of bullying or may have taken notice to it around our environment, whether it may be physical or verbal. However, some of us may not have heard of a new type of bullying that is accelerating due to the excessive rise of different types of technologies that are becoming more advanced. Many people are on high alert for something called ?Cyber Bullying,? which is when teens use the internet, or other digital devices like phones, to personally threaten, torment, or humiliate other people. ?Teens can be cruel,? is a quote that is heedlessly thrown around but it can be very true, especially when seeing the effects of cyber bullying. Which is often done out of anger, hate, spite, it can even be done by mean girls/guys just to boost their social status or bring someone else?s down. With the rapid rate of advancement in technology; such as new internet accessible phones, and portable digital systems (cameras, TVs?, IPods) has increased the amount of cyber bullying, by far, because of the easy interconnected access it has provided us. We may use different chat rooms like MySpace, and Facebook, which is dominated by preteens, and teens, unaware that it is where the greatest amount of cyber-bullying takes place. Then we bring in phones which is another big conductor of cyber- bullying. According to CBS News Tech, by the year of 2004, 40% of teenagers owned a phone. That percentage is growing and will continue to grow feeding the fuel to the amount of bullying that is going on.
Another thing that Technology is affecting drastically is the safety of children. With the unprotected and attainable accounts that comes with chat rooms, most people may not be talking to the person they believe they are. The Internet has simplified the way petrifers can get their victims, by masking themselves as friends or peers of the students. With the amount of people that have internet access, it is easy for solicitors to make their rounds, and naive teens play into their tricks. If the amount of cell phones, internet access maybe we wouldn?t have the high percentage of teens that have either been killed of hurt by these petrifiers.
Lastly, we have become lazier with the amount of technology around us. Nowadays when you want directions all your do is look it up on the internet or phone, if you want to sale, buy, work, and even take classes, you can do it all on the computer or phones. Television is another thing, due to the large amount of variety in channels, you see more kids and adults coped up in front of television sets rather than being outside playing or working. More kids are on the computer surfing for more videos, or updating their accounts instead of doing homework or other physical activities. Which might be one of the reasons we have the rate of obese, or emotionally unstable children? Not to mention that now everything you might want or need is on the Internet, no more going to work or even going job searching because you can have business meetings over the computer, or search for jobs. No more going shopping, you have EBay and many other shopping websites, no more going to gyms, you can do it right at home with self-tutorials. If this continues to go on, who knows how dependent we will soon be on these technologies, which may lead to discord later in the future.
We are being conditioned to take the easier road to anything, and technology is one of the many things that is influencing that message highly. Though it is huge part of our society, and may be simplifying many parts of our lives, it is important to recognize the bad effects it is also having in our world. Though there are no