The Long Battle to Rethink Mental Illness in Children

General Psychology
Mrs. Stovall

My research will consist of the fact that children are sometimes missed diagnosed with a psychiatric disorder. Most children are diagnosed when they are young. Sometimes children are too young to even develop the behavior for some of the psychiatric disorders that the doctors diagnose them with. The main concerns of the article are that the amount of time it takes to develop a new disease. There are many voting meetings, and meetings that are just to discuss the topic. The big question is, should children be labeled mentally ill? My research will take into consideration, which some psychiatrist believes that there should not be another disease developed. They believe that there will only be more confusion because there already is a hard time trying to classify children with many disorders. My research will also take into consideration, the type of therapy that is appropriate for children with different psychological disorders.

The article "The Long Battle to Rethink Mental Illness in Children" written by Shirley S. Wang, is a very interesting article. The author\'s point of the article is to inform the reader that there are children that are being misdiagnosed every day. She also wanted to inform the reader that not only are children being misdiagnosed but, there are many children that are given the wrong treatment. There is a process, in which a psychiatrist has to follow, in order to create the name of a new disease. Meetings were held in windowless hotel conference rooms, according to Shirley Wang. That just goes to show how serious a psychiatric disorder is.
There were many major concerns in this article. One of the concerns, or should I say top priorities of the insular conclave is to rethink some children\'s disorders, particularly bipolar disorders. There is a big fear that too many treatable children are not making it because of misdiagnosis, or because they suffer from a disease that hasn\'t even been defined yet. Another concern that is mentioned in the article is that, should psychiatrist come up with another disease, since there are so many children being diagnosed with pediatric bipolar illness. Pediatric bipolar illness is one of the most significant categories of psychiatric ailments in children.
The main reason why psychiatrist want to consider naming a new disease is because some kids that are diagnosed with bipolar, don\'t have the same behavior as other children who are also diagnosed with being bipolar. The behavior is very similar but, not the same. According to Shirley Wang, psychiatrists discussed whether or not to call the new children\'s disease "Disruptive Mood Dysregulation Disorder" . This is a condition that is characterized by children who are constantly irritable and can be explosive. This disorder differs from being bipolar, because a bipolar disorder is characterized by periods of depression and having episodes, which are extreme swings of happiness, or irritability. One of the most concerned topics is that kids are potentially being overmedicated with psychiatric drugs that cause many side effects.
The new diagnosis was mentioned in the article. The name of the new diagnosis would be called Disruptive Mood Dysregulation Disorder. As I stated previously this is characterized by children who are constantly irritable and can be explosive. Children should not be institutionalized because it puts them into a category. Institutionalizing kids, put them in a group like an experiment. Children with this disorder, over here and children with that disorder, over there , is what some psychiatrists feel.
Taking medication is not always the answer, when dealing with a mental illness. Some children that are on medication may calm down when given medicine but, what are the side effects? Most children that are misdiagnosed do not respond well to the medicine that they are given. This is because they are taking the wrong medicine, so therefore the proper medicine is not provided to treat the proper disorder. In most cases, the medicine has side effects that are worse than the disorder that thee child has .
Some psychiatrists did not want to create a new category for children to fall in. David Elkins, president of the American Psychological Association\'s Society for Humanistic Psychology said that he did not