The New Federalist Party

Part I

As the sole member of the New Federalist party, it is with great honors
that I now present to you the very first New Federalist platform.


The growing dissension between the two major political parties today has
drawn them away from the public's views. It has been determined that the
citizens of the United States cannot get what they want from the current major
parties. Because of this, a total reconstruction of the current political
structure is in dire need. In response to this need, the New Federalist party
has been formed.
The name "New Federalist" has been chosen to express the party's
foremost concern. This is to restructure the government into the form that the
framers of the Constitution meant for it to be in. The basis of this
restructuring comes from the 10th amendment and articles of the Constitution.
As you know, every major political party needs a symbol. After careful
consideration, the mythological hydra has been selected. I know what your
thinking, but it is effective in serving two main purposes. The first purpose
is that it is an ideal representation of the new structure of government that
will be implemented by the New Federalist party. The two heads represent the
two governing bodies, the federal government and the state governments. Both
"heads" do nothing more than serve or govern over the body, which represents the
citizens of the United States of America. The second purpose of the hydra is to
shift the focus from the representative party to the individual members of the
party. A political party should, like the hydra, should be nothing more than a
myth. Votes in an election should not be cast for a party but for the
individual candidates. The New Federalist party will be nothing more than a
collection of like-minded people seeking to better our great country.
In the following pages I have set forth the basic principles and various
policy stands of the New Federalist party.



Federalism: "A political system in which ultimate authority is shared
between a central government and state or regional governments."1 The first and
foremost principality addresses the power of the federal and state governments.
The framers of the Constitution never meant for the federal government to grow
to today's tremendous size.
The 10th amendment states that "The powers not delegated to the United
States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the states, are reserved to
the states respectively, or to the people."2 This means that everything not set
forth in the Constitution as being regulated by the federal government will go
back to being regulated by the states.
The second principality is a criterion for election. Today's politician
is viewed as a person who is out to do nothing more that line his/her own
pockets. A character of honesty, integrity, and willingness to carry out the
public will shall be held above all other qualities when seeking nomination for
political office.


Although the New Federalists main goal is a true federal government, it
is not by any means a single issue party. We try to take an independent stand
on all of today's political issues.
Crime: Recent Gallop polls have shown that 80% of the population favors
putting more police on the streets, and paying higher taxes to do it. The same
poll shows that 82% want to make it harder to parole violent inmates, and 79%
want tougher sentences for all crimes.3 Many things need to be done about this
epidemic that is sweeping our nation away. The plan we intend to implement is
divided into three sections, punishment, prison reform, and education.
Punishment will be changed across the board. Mandatory sentencing will
be fixed to all crimes and the penalties will be increased. A mandatory "three
strikes and your out" law will be implemented in all non-violent crimes and a
"two strikes and your out" law will deal with violent crimes. In violent crimes,
two strikes means life in prison with NO chance of parole. Life in prison means
just that, life, not 25 years. Prison will be your home for the remainder of
your stay on this planet.
Prison reform will mirror that of Alabama's new prison system under Ron
Jones. "Chain gangs, electrified fences, no coffee except on Sunday-all these
changes and more..."4 The New Federalists will also reform prisons by taking
out tv's, vcr's and other recreational equipment. We will leave some
recreational equipment in, but only to be used during designated times.
Educational programs will be set up to let kids know about the effects
of crime and drugs. It will also let children associate with actual police
officers and loose that inherent fear of cops that many kids have