The Outsiders

Take Home Test for THE OUTSIDERS

1. The plot of THE OUTSIDERS makes you think that there are two groups in society. One group is the people who have money, like the SOCS. The other group does not have money, THE GREASERS and is made fun of by the other group. This still happens today. People make fun of people who do not have alot. Some people pick on people who are younger, weaker, dumber, uglier, etc.

2. I think the author's purpose in writing this novel is to show how people get involved in gangs. Sometimes people are born into them. Other times they join them for protection. The author shows the view of a gang member who has family in a gang and joined for protection. It shows people what it is like to be in a gang. It also shows what it is like to be chased by a gang.

3. I think Ponyboy is a static character because the other gang members are rougher and tougher. He is not as mean. He does not get into as much trouble as the others do.

4. The novel is written in the first person point of view. It is written in Ponyboy's view. We only get the opinion and view of Ponyboy and his gang. We don't get the opinion or side of the other gang.

5. The statement "the greasers and socs are more alike than different" means that each of them are gangs. Each of
the gangs are after the same things. They are after power and protection. They all want to make a name for themselves.

6. Johnnie's mother reacts so strongly because she is scared that her son is finally dead. She feels that they have done so much for him and he is still in the gang. She is afraid that one day he will be killed in one of the gang fights.

7. Cherry's role in the book is to show that even though she has money she still is friends with Ponyboy and Johnnie. She treats them nice. She does not act like the other kids in the Socs gang. She seems to feel sorry for the greasers.

8. The novel maintains it's popularity because there are still gangs and gang fights in society today. There is always a gang report on the news. These kinds of gangs are sometimes formed because of money differences, color, race, intelligence, etc.

9. The weapon of choice for today would be a gun. I think it would change the story because many more people would die instead of just getting cut up. There would be fewer gang member that would be left to fight. The story would be even more sad with so much death.

10. Darry seems like a control freak because since their parents were killed he has help to raise his brothers. He has been in charge. Ponyboy looks up to him because he has always looked after him and been there for him. They are close because they are all they have.

11. Dally is a control freak because he has been in trouble since he was ten years old. He has had a criminal record since he was young, because he has been on his own. He likes to be in control because he thinks he is tougher than the others. I think that some people would feel sorry for him and maybe excuse his behavior.

12. The use of slang helps the story because gang members use slang all the time. It makes the story seem more real to the reader. If the author did not use slang the story would not seem real. The words in the story that I found interesting are:

"lone it"- I think it means hide it or cover it.
"singsonged"- I think it means that he said it.
"rumble" -It means to fight.
"wisecrackin"- It means to say it rude or smart.
"weed"- It means pot and marijuana