The Performing Arts and Inspiration
Jennifer Linnell
ARTS 100
December 7, 2015
Shay Tyler
The Performing Arts and Inspiration
A composer of classical music between 1750-1820, Mozart entertained people of all ages. He composed over 600 works of art which include famous love pieces of operatic, choral, symphonic and chamber music. Mozart\'s family was very musically inclined. By the time he was 5, Mozart could not only read, but write music as well. He enjoyed studying other composers. At the start of his career, Mozart was able to memorize music just by listening. As Mozart developed his own style and interpretations, he was also able to incorporate the style and music of people like J.C. Bach. Mozart later influenced other musicians like Beethoven. In 1781, he spent the remainder of his life in Vienna as a composer and performer who was often in demand. During his lifespan of only 35 years, he composed operas, symphonies.
Modern day Mozart, Born September 27, 1982, D\'wayne Michael Carter Jr. best known as Lil Wayne, is a lyrical genius. He has an incredible impact on people just as the days of old. Although, there is so much more crime, drugs, sex, and love of money than back in those days he is still a great artist nonetheless. He has many influences, including Notorious Big and Ice Cube, whom he has collaborated with. Both men are well-known composers. Both artists, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and D\'wayne Michael Carter Jr., are great musicians of their times. Their daily surroundings and times of their lives played and still play a big role in their music and has inspired the music they have created. Mozart played tunes very upbeat at times and also had his down time on the piano, just as Lil Wayne also poured his heart out in rhyme. Both are able to tell a story using music, Lil Wayne\'s being more lyrical. Both have been inspired by their social and cultural surroundings and have been impacted by money and fame. They followed great people and expected more of life and followed their feelings into their art.