The Road to Brown
Cerena Vang
The Road to Brown shows the real life struggle of Charles Hamilton and how he instigated the fight against the Jim Crow laws in the 1940\' s. The articles Brown v. Board of Education and Brown II only convey the happenings of the courthouse in the fight against the Jim Crow Laws. The Road to Brown explains the strategy and framework behind the battle. It showcases the brilliant mind of Charles Hamilto n and how he gradually broke down the legal system little by little until the world was ready to dismantle the Jim Crow laws. This documentary reveals the soul and pride of the Black community during this time. It conveys their passion and dedication to the cause, which can\'t be felt through the court documents.
It didn\'t occur to me how clever Charles Hamilton\'s plan to dismantle the Jim Crow Laws was until I watched this documentary. He attacked the system from the inside, bending the rules little by little with each court case until the corr uption of the system was too evident to ignore.