The Ruum and The Pedestrian

Analytical Essay - "The Ruum" & "The Pedestrian"

It is known the short stories in this world of ours bring up social issues that make us think, an example of this is Ray Bradbury's story, 'The Pedestrian'. Also short stories are there to entertain us, for example, 'The Ruum' by Arthur Porges. 'The Pedestrian' is about a man called Leonard Mead in the year 2052, going for a walk at night. A normal reader would have thought it is normal thing to do at night, but in the year 2052, in which the story is set, it is very unusual thing to do. 'The Ruum' is about a man being chased by an extra-terrestrial machine. This man's name is Jim Irwin.

Jim Irwin a normal human being has been sent to the 'Canadian Rockies' to find uranium. While looking around he is encountered by an extra-terrestrial machine that chases him. This is the beginning of Arthur Porges short story 'The Ruum'. In this short story, 'The Ruum', is the extra-terrestrial machine that chases Jim and it is this chase, that puts all its readers at the edge of his or her chair. Arthur Porges has created an entertaining story that is very suspenseful and exciting.

'The Pedestrian' is a totally different type of story, which brings up social issues that can be debated. The point of these issues is to make the people of today think about whether what they are doing is right or wrong. Ray Bradbury's story is about a man named Leonard Mead in a city, in America who goes walking at night. In this city all the other citizens stay and watch their 'viewing screens'.

The main issue that this story brings up is that as the years pass by, the people of the world may become lazier due to the fact that the technology in constantly upgrading. Ray Bradbury has written this story for a main purpose; it is to show people that the world could be heading towards a greater disaster because of technology.

Although both of these stories are fictional one of them gives us a realistic view of what may happen in the future, 'The Pedestrian', while the other entertains us, 'The Ruum'. The reason 'The Ruum' entertains us is because nothing in the story is realistic or maybe even true. There have been many people debating about sighting extra-terrestrial beings and where they live, so it could be said that 'The Ruum' is not totally incorrect.

'The Pedestrian' can be safely said that it contains an important issue. It carries a warning for its readers to act now about the up and coming technology. As each day passes everything becomes easier and can be done from home, for example, we can pay our bill, do our banking, etc. Even starting with this can turn our life in this present day to become similar to Leonard Mead's.

These two authors did achieve their goals by either making an untrue story ('The Ruum') or by making a realistic one ('The pedestrian). The stories, 'The Pedestrian' and 'The Ruum' by Ray Bradbury and Arthur Porges, respectively are two classic examples of a story that brings up social issues and one that is entertaining. 'The Pedestrian being the one with issues and 'The Ruum' being the entertaining story. Both of these stories are very good and I recommend to all readers.