The Secret Sharer

Confidence Within
In the short story "The Secret Sharer" by Joseph Conrad, the Captain changes from an insecure person to a confident leader because of the experience with the Secret Sharer. At first, the Captain felt reluctant to give orders for fear of what his crew thought of him. Through an interaction with Leggatt, the Captain makes a transformation to a more self-assured person.
In the beginning of the story, the Captain, a stranger to his ship and his crew, is fearful of the opinion of his peers. The Captain knowing that for the last two days his crew had plenty of hard work and little sleep, let all hands turn in without setting an anchor watch. The Captain says, "I asked myself whether it was wise ever to interfere with the established routine of duties even from the kindest of motives" (492). The Captain questions himself because he is not confident with his decision. Later, while still on the deck thinking to himself, he wonders what kind of impression he had left on his men. He says, "My actions might have made me appear eccentric" (492). He worries about the opinion of his peers because he is a stranger to them and himself. The Captain then goes through a transformation experience, when he meets his "double," a man named Leggatt.
After meeting Leggatt, a stowaway that committed murder, the Captain changes into a confident person. Through Leggatt, the Captain gets to know himself better and is no longer a stranger to himself and his crew. Shortly after meeting the Secret Sharer, the captain is feeling more confident and starts to give orders. He says, "It was the first particular order I had given on board that ship; and I stayed on deck to see it executed" (949). He no longer worry's about the opinion of his crew, rather is confident with his decision. When it is time for Leggatt to leave the ship for dry land, the Captain risks the lives of his crew in order for his "double" to escape. He is also not reluctant on giving orders, he no longer cares what his crew thinks about him. He says, "The only reason you need concern yourself about is because I tell you to do so" (957). He is more confident with his orders and the opinion of his crew does not concern him anymore.
In the short story "The Secret Sharer" it can be seen that the Captain has changed due to the interactions with the Secret Sharer. In the beginning he was an insecure person and then changed to a self-assured leader. The Secret Sharer has brought out confidence within the captain. The Captain no longer fears the opinion of his crew and is no longer a stranger to the ship, the crew, and more importantly himself.