The Skill of Describing

My summary is on an ancient painting I collected at an estate sale about nine years ago. This painting is about 142 x 57.1 in dimension, with a white background and hangs beautifully in my basement.
I love Egyptian painting because it reflects on ancient time so on seeing this painting I brought the painting of a man standing on a stool as a soldier with his left leg extended forward and his arms hell stiff at his sides as if he ready for war. His fist clench holding some cylindrical object in his hand and his posture looks so assertive with an indicative of power.
This painting looks as if it represent him as a mature yet vigorous man with a muscular. Strong build, strong legs and well developed arms.
On his head he wears a fancy headdress, with the sides pull back behind his ears and this seems as the primary symbol of his status. The only clothing he wears is something like a piece of cloth folded across the front of him with one end falling down beneath him and held in place with a belt around his waist.
This painting strikes me every time I go down to my basement and many people asked why I have such an old ancient painting sill on my wall.