The Truth
By Karoline Salazar

My dad leaving never really affected me so much when I was small I mean I was just a lost small girl getting my way through life; or at least that\'s what I thought till I found out the truth. Growing up without my real father didn\'t really affect me since I never put my mind to it and I had my uncle who was like a father to me. My uncle took care of me when I was a baby, he always took me out on Halloween, fed me and everything till a certain age. When I was about 4 I started calling my other uncle "dad" I never really knew about my real father until I realized that the man I\'ve been calling my dad was married to my aunt. I remember asking my mother and she just said my father was in another country, nothing else.
A few years later we moved again into my grandmas building and still no contact with my dad, he would only call my grandma asking how I was and she wouldn\'t know at times because I barely went. It was time of month where it was me going there 24/7 because it summer and my cousins were there. I remember me and my cousins being in the kitchen talking about random stuff till my aunt walks in and was doing my cousins hair. We all talked a while till we touched a subject, my small cousin tells me " we saw your sisters in Ecuador" I was very confused because I had no clue what he was talking about. My aunt approached me and told me about me having other sisters and me not being the only daughter, my heart dropped honestly and I just couldn\'t say anything but "oh."
My aunt told me not to tell my mom that she specifically told me but I couldn\'t take in everything at once without an explanation so I told my mom everything with tears rushing down my cheeks. Not only did I get sad my anger and hate grew a lot because I just couldn\'t believe he never told me, they were all waiting for me to be older which was a terrible idea. That day I didn\'t speak to anyone not even my mother, I was so depressed and I just felt like a complete mess my mother that day tried speaking to my father but he didn\'t talk until a few days later. I\'ve seen my father and have had a great time with him but I cannot forgive me for what he has done/caused in this family, he is father still but everything has changed since then.