Brionne Hebert
Ms. McBride
English 101 H1
11 March 2015
The Truth About Brain Surgeons
Brain surgeons have a more intelligent image than any other doctor because they play a crucial role in the medical field that is more beneficial to peoples lives.
Brain surgeons are known for their important role in the medical field because they are more intellectual than other doctors. There are doctors who perform simple task while brain surgeons perform a more vital task that puts a person life on the line. Most people misunderstand the concept that you have to be really smart to become a brain surgeon. According to the interview with a neurosurgeon in the Northeast, he simply states, "I think it\'s something that takes years to learn and it takes a lot of studying...But I donít think that you have to be really smart." With this being said, brain surgeons do not have to be really smart or a genius. Even though most brain surgeons are not extremely smart, they still are more intelligent than other doctors.