Ma. Alyssa Valzado | September 23, 2017

DASMARINAS CITY, PHILIPPINES - Students are one of the people who easily believe in fake news, especially if the news is relevant to them or if it is close to their proximity. Just like Lawreine Valzado , a grade 10 student , who relies on Facebook for information—may it be for suspension of classes, politics, or the incidents happening around her area. She relies solely on social media for information. There are also instances where she unintentionally shared fake news.
There was one time where she shared a news about a shooting incident happening in Cavite, from where she lives, not knowing that the post was fake.
For the past few weeks, there has been various incidents happening around Cavite about two people riding in a motorcycle who is said to be shooting random people. These people are also known as the riding in tandem .
She stated that she was attending a debut when she saw a post on social media about this riding in tandem that was roaming around their area that time. Seeing that post, Lawreine was quick to inform her friends and classmates about it without verifying whether it is true or not . And apparently, the o ther attendees also saw that post and got scared. M inutes later, most of them were leaving early , fearful that they could be the next target of these shooters since the place of the event is close to where they are .
It was only then, when she went home, that she found out that the post was actually fake . Lawreine saw a post shared by one of her classmates, which is originally posted by a Mark Herrera who was there when the so-called in cident happened. Seeing how the shooting incident post was fake , and the fear of criticism, she deleted her post.
Lawreine admitted that one of her faults was that she wa s not the type to read the whole article, or even the comment s in the article. She admitted how susceptible she was when it comes to fake news and web sites spreading fake news . "Hindi kasi ako yung tipo na nagbabasa ng buong article , o kahit comments . Once na nakuha ko na yung information na hinahanap ko —okay na. "
Aside from class suspension from a dummy account of a government official.