Thoughout there the history of the United state s there h ave been selvral issues that have been divided this nation. Some od those issues gay marriage, taxes and the Ivasion of war in Iraq but I think the one issue that has swung back forth for about 90 years is the issue healthcare. The issue lies of the heart of really two questions. The first is issue is how to provide afforbale healthcare to all citzens and is healthcare a basic right or a privilege . Now, currently I do not have any healthcare and if I would to get an medical I have no family member that would help me. I think health care today is in dire sitition today . The three reasons why I believe health is in a dire situation today. The first reason why I believe healthcare insurers are leaving the market. Snice the Afforoable health acre health insures cant refuse custmers if they are always sick or have pre exesting condition. This puts in their profitsn in danger wich there are oblagatlly is to their stockholders . The evidence that I can present to you is there is is ½ of counties have only one health insureses provider. Which leads to my secendend reason of why health care is in dire, which would be the cost. Snice The Afforable care act In 2008, the normal manager supported family arrange costs a sum of $12,680, with workers balance $3,354 of the bill. By 2016, the cost of the normal business family arrange was up to $18,142 for the year, with specialists grabbing $5,277 of the tab.These expanded expenses for bosses and representatives alike may appear to be steep—up around half in the course of recent years—however they could have ascended far higher had the Reasonable Care Act never passed. The examination demonstrates that normal family premiums rose 20% from 2011 to 2016. That rate of increment is in reality much lower than the past five years (up 31% from 2006 to 2011) and the five years before that (up 63% from 2001 to 2006). I think the best motivation behind why I think social insurance has turned out to be critical is that individual flexibility. The reason I think singular flexibility has been abused is the individual order. I accept ought to have the capacity to pick in the event that you need human services or not. The reason is whether you order human services what is preventing the administration from commanding other stuff. That are my reasons of why human services are in a critical circumstance. I beelive healthcare is a privelge . The first reason and the only reason that I will give for this rteason where does it say in the bill of rights that health care should care should be a right ? Nowhere, now I know other nations have it in there coustitions where health care is a right but till the day that we have it the Untited States bill of rights I will always view healthcare as privilege and not a right. T hat is why I beelive healthcare is a privilege. No when it comes to healthcare I'm a really symopothcic to people having healthcare I ju st belive that it should be done thourgh the free market with a limted role by the by the government. So, for question number 3 I do belive all the benfits should be included in healthcare. How I would take care of pre excsting part because I believe thatst one of the thornys issues is I would still allow people to have health insurance but I would put them high risk polls covered by tax payers susbibs . I do like the idea of keeping kids on the parents the reason why beelive this is a good idea is because I know young adults can be reckless and stupid so I belive the idea is a cunsion until they can grow up and find resonble job to support themselves. That is my take on the types of benefits that should be in included in healthcare. As I have stated before I do not believe people should be forced to buy