Three Events that Mis-Shaped Black America Debate Rubric AAS 101___ Total Points___________
Circle your role and write your name: Judge, Researcher, Debater First & Last Name_____________________________
Grade Very Poor Poor Average Very Good Excellent
Points <11 11-13 14-17 18-21 22-25
Content/Research Content had no evidence of research.
Content was basic and did not go beyond personal beliefs. Research was not cited, incomplete, or biased.
Content was adequate and research was sufficient for the task
Content was well organized and relevant. Research was well done and cited correctly.
Content was numerous with many different kinds of examples. Research was advanced and cited many sources.

Organization Debate and presentation were not organized, very confusing and time was not well spent with partners.
Debate and presentation were poorly organized, confusing or did not utilize time well with partner
Debate and presentation, organization,cohesiveness, flow, and time utilization with partner were average and met standard norms
Organizational skills, flow of debate, cohesiveness, and time utilization were very good Organizational skills were exceptional and the flow of the debate, cohesiveness, and time execution were excellent

Presentation Speech/Comments did not add to the debate to any extent.
Speech/Comments did not enhance or advance the debate
Use of voice and notecards in debate was average and met standard norms
Use of voice kept interest of audience and was very well executed, notecards used sparingly Use of voice was extremely innovative and greatly enhanced the debate. Notecards were rarely used and appropriate

Overall Group Team made no progress toward achieving goal.
Team made minimal progress toward achieving goal
Team made adequate progress toward achieving goal, argued well, minor issues
Team made very good progress toward achieving their goal with good information and few if any issues
Team made exemplary progress toward achieving their goal, worked well together, and produced a good argument

Individual Execution Speaker was no asset to the debate, and comments did not relate to the topic.
Speaker did not enhance or advance the debate, was unprepared, or comments were inappropriate Speaker did adequate work to help their team, spoke clearly, but may not have explained as clearly as possible
Speaker was an asset to their team, made progress toward achieving goal, spoke clearly, gave good information
Speaker was an extreme asset to their team, produced a clear, concise, and well-researched argument

Assignment Instructions (1):
Go to the computer lab and research your topic.
1. Every (that means ALL) scholar does research on the group’s topic.
2. You must use 3 websites that address your topic.
3. Cite (mention) your website in your debate to give your argument validity. Use statistics, etc. that will inform your claim.
4. After each scholar’s research is gathered and typed it is turned in to Blackboard by Midnight the night before the debate.
5. Just data----No Essay!! 2-3 pages of research data should be compiled and submitted to the debater and Blackboard.
6. Scholar: Name, AAS 101 C, D, or F Date & Topic at top of paper.
7. All researchers for each group will email their data to the group’s debaters by a date designated by the group. You should exchange email addresses & cell numbers.
8. Each scholar that your group selected as debater must speak on the topic.
9. There will be three debaters per group. USE 3 x 5 cards or notebook paper to help facilitate your argument, not too much reading though.
10. You can rebut the other group’s points of view by saying that your topic “has a greater impact on black America than the other group’s topic because…”.
11. Your argument is that your topic is the event that mis-shaped Black America.
12. Each group has 15 minutes to prove their claim. There will be three judges along with the Instructor. Each debater will be timed and graded by their assigned judge. We will average the scores and decide on a more winning group. There are 25 (24.9) possible points. Have fun and do not STRESS!
Assignment Instructions (2):
John and Doe (2015) state that “When studying at higher levels of school and throughout college, you will likely be asked to prepare research papers.” A research paper can be used for exploring and identifying scientific, technical and social issues. If it's your first time writing a research paper, it may seem daunting, but with good organization and focus of mind, you can make the process easier on