Thribhuvan University
Faculty of Education
Koshi Saint James College, Sunsari

School Report of
Shree Saraswati Higher Secondary School

In partial fulfillment of
The B.ed Practice Teaching

Prepared by,
Name: Dipesh Kuwar
Level: B.ed 3 rd Year
Roll No.: 7370010
Reg. No.: 9-2-0737-01 52-2011


This school report is prepared for the partial fulfillment of practical examination of three years B.ed of Thribhuvan University.
I wou ld like to express my grateful thanks to our Principal, Vice Principal as well as to the teachers of Education Faculty and Ko shi Saint James College for prov iding the educative platform and enough guidance for this project work.
My heartiest salutation goes to Mr. Ganga Pr. Dhamala the principal of Shree Saraswati Higher Secondary School for good guidance and information in need. Similarly I would like to thank my subject teacher Homnaath Dahal for his great co-operation and help for my practice teaching as well as to prepare my school report.
Likewise, I want to thank other respected teachers of Shree Saraswati Highe r Secondary School for helping m e to conduct the program and for their kind information .
I am equally grateful to those who helped, suggested and guided to me for practice teaching and project work.

Table of Contents

Introduction of School
1.1 Histori cal background of the school
1.2 Socio-E conomic environment of school
1.3 G eographical env ironment of school
1.4 Economic status of school
2. P resent condition of school
2.1 Educational report
2.4 School activities report
4. Perspectives of related person
5. Conclusion
6. Suggestions

Introduction of School

Shree Saraswati Higher Secondary School is in Dharan municipality which has just changed into from Panchakanya VDC. The school was formally established on the ouspecious occasion of Basanta panchhami of 2016 B.S., before 6 0 years than today by the great devotion of social workers and other people of Panbari .
This school has already celebrated golden jubilee year on 2066 B.S. The Principal of this school is Mr. Ganga Pr. Dhamala and Vice Principal is Homnaath Dahal and Indranarayan Yadav .
This school mainly focuses the education for the behavior and knowledge. The teachers of this shool are co-operative and helpful. There are twenty teachers and three clerks. As this is the only one high school of this area the number of student is high. There are around one thousand st udents. Though the school faced many problems in its early days today we can observe the presence of good facilities.
The building of this school is beautiful and enough big to bare 1500 students. In overall as being a public school it is proving it is different than other with its result and performance.

Historical background of school

When the panbari village emerged, at that time there were few houses and there was no need of education. But when the number of houses increased gradually, people of Panbari realized the need of education. It may be the reason of fall of Rana Empire. The history of Shree Saraswati Higher School begins from 2011 B.S. In the beginning of the establishment of this school, there was neither building nor any land. The class started at under the shelter of the tree and sometime in the shed of the people. At that time, the teacher was taken from city. Because of rivers there would not any class for half year. Later, school got certificate to run primary level. It got help from government of Nepal also.
The appearance of great devotee helped to school run smoothly and properly. Only the small help from government was not enough. People like Chandramani Thapa , Sadananda Upyadhaya , Santi Devi Shrestha and Tirtha Bdr . Pulami are the some names who never dies in the history of this school. Chandramani Thapa was a founder member and himself a teacher who spent long time in this sc h ool and worked with the heart. Sadananda Upyadhaya was a great Principal who is still an example of honesty and social feeling in Panbari . Santi Devi Shrestha provided enough land opening her heart and Chandramani Pulami also did a lot help to school being a chairperson of management committee. Due to these known and unknown person of