Thurgood Marshall was born on July 2, 1908 and was raised in Baltimore. As he got older he started to follow his brother William Aubrey Marshall. They both attended a historical black college which was Lincoln University which was located in Chester County in Pennsylvania. Near the time of graduation he got married to a woman by the name of Vivian ?Buster? Burey. They were married for twenty- five years but it ended sadly with her death caused by cancer in 1955.
After he graduated he tried to apply for Maryland University but he got denied because he was a black. After he got denied he kept that inside of his memory. When he was denied by Maryland University he applied for Howard University. Which he got accepted to Howard University Law School. The way he got to attended Howard University was his mother she pawned her engagement ring for his entrance fee. Which he got his first major court case which was in 1933 when he sued Maryland University because they wouldn?t accept young African Americans. Thurgood Marshall also won his first court case which was against the school he got denied by, which was the University of Maryland. But after he won his case against Maryland University they named their library after Thurgood Marshall.
Charles Hamilton which was Thurgood Marshall?s mentor who went to New York and Thurgood Marshall followed him and he later became the Chief Counsel of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People which was known as the NAACP.
After Thurgood Marshall became a part of the NAACP in 1936 he stayed apart of them for more than twenty years. While he was in the NAACP he increased his fame by the cases he had in his years. One of his biggest cases was Brown vs. Board of education which lasted for two years. The case that Thurgood Marshall won ended the racial segregation in public schools. When he won that case he was still the director counsel of the NAACP which he was for twenty years. After he won that court case they called that a victory for civil rights. He was also selected to the U.S Court of Appeals in 1961. Also in 1961 Thurgood Marshall was chose to judge court by President Kennedy. But in 1967 president Johnson made Thurgood Marshall a Supreme Court justice.
When he was finished with the blacks and whites going to school together he started to create a new set of individual rights for all Americans. His new protection under laws was for everyone including homeless people and prisoners. The laws he created was good for the United States because it was for any and every one so it will help the world equal in laws. And nobody will feel better than anybody as far as the laws.
Thurgood Marshall was the first African American on Supreme Court. While he was on the Supreme Court he had thirty cases and he won twenty nine. While he was a part of the Supreme Court he was also a part of National