Time management
Unit 2 Assignmen t
Kamika S.Unseld
Explain how the four contemporary approaches to management are different from one another.
The contemporary approach to management includes Sociotechnical System Theory, Quantitative management, system theory and also organizational behavior. The Sociotechnical system theory is an approach to understanding the relationship between technology, individuals, organization, and society in the work place design. " The sociotechnical system approach that said if a changes in one part which means it will have to use corresponding to changes others parts. Quantitative management that's involves the usages of the mathematical modeling to find the best way to solves the problem. This one important change of the quantitative management is to the ability to objectively to collect the rest of the information that is the possible solutions to develop appropriate and useful mathematical models. The Organizational behavior theory usually practices the concept which describes the leadership such as decision making, team building and motivations where jobs can be at the manger satisfaction of their organization behavior skills and responsibilities of management. The System Theory that allows its mangers to examines the different patterns and events in the workplaces it will also helps managers to coordinate news programs to work as a collective overall goals for the mission to organizations that's is for isolated department.
Define "open system"
And open system is a system that regularly exchanges feedback with its external environment. Open systems, of course, so inputs, processes, outputs, goals assessments and evaluation, and learning are all important.
Describe the internal, competitive, and Marco environments of an organization.
Base on the internal business environment which includes factors of the within the organizations that impact the approach to the success of your operations. The company leadership role is an good important in the internal business factor that will strengths the your employees that is another crucial internal business factor for high performances in the work places and the employees can not only have talent, but they work while together and they also collaborate on different ideas and resolutions.
The competitive environments which also better known as the market structure in the dynamic system of your business competes but the more of the sellers of the similar product or services is more competitive in the environment which you compete.
Marco Environmental the factors are uncontrollable external forces that which affect on how the business operates. In a largely out of control business that's often require changes in the operating, management, production, and marketing system .
Lastly, indicate whether the four contemporary approaches to management are relevant in these three environment and why or why not.
While I think that the four contemporary approaches to the management are the three relevant environment cases that are discusses above because there are some aspect of the environmental that can be immediately relevant the management decision that's related to the goals setting and the realization of the sociotechnical system approach to the internal environmental that was focus on this contemporary management that is on the employees to organization and their knowledge and training tools for their company or business. The Quantitative management approach is also relevant in the internal environmental, competitive environment, and the Marco-environment that is because of the contemporary approach to the management data uses from all environments for their analysis. The Organizational behavior is the relevant in the internal environment that's mainly focuses on the behaviors on the firm workers. Lastly but not lease is the System theory is relevant to the internal environment and the competitive environment and also the Marco -Environment is because these are all the same contemporary approach to all management considers all factors insides and outside.