Time Management Unit 6: Assignment 4/10/17
Kamika S. Unseld

How can Lei apply the four step control process outlined in the text to address the problem of misreporting hours?

  Setting performance standards

  Lei as a manager have to have an organization goal that is to profitability , innovation, satisfaction of customers and employees. But the real standard is that the level of the expectation of the performance for a given goal. Standards are targets that establish desired performance levels, motivate performance, and serve as benchmarks against which to assess actual performance .

 Measuring performance. 

Lei in this control process I she need to measure the performance levels. And set all of the managers can count units produced, days absent, papers filed, and samples distributed, dollars and hours he/she may have earned. Lei can use Performance data that is commonly are obtained for the manager and here are the from three re sources: Written reports, Oral reports, Personal observation.

Comparing performance with the standard 

As she decides the control process which will be is comparing with the standard performance . In th e process of the manager will be evaluates of the quality performance. For some of the activities, relatively to the small deviations from the st andard are acceptable, while the others is in slight ly deviation may be serious. In other cases, a deviation in one direction, such as sales or customer satisfaction that target the level is a proble m, but a deviation in the other to exceeding the sales target or customer expectations is a sign to the employees are getting better than they when they are plan to expected results. But t herefore the managers who will perform the oversight seer must be able to analyze and evaluate the results very carefully. When Lei is t aking action to correct the problems and reinforce successes .

 The Lei should go in the control process is to take appropriate action when th ere are significant deviations ensures that operations are adjusted to achieve the planned results or to continue exceeding the plan if the manager determines that is possible. If significant variances are discovered, the manager usually takes immediate and vigorous action.