Tortue him

You can torture him for hours or just kill him in one go. Death is inevitable. Every living creature has to face it. Death itself can be of many categories, some human beings die a natural death while others are killed because they are proven guilty. Some are murdered and some organizations torture criminals to death. "Torture" means the intentional and depraved infliction of extreme physical pain so the person can feel its termination getting closer every second. This can be further classified into physical and psychological torture.

This kind of death is held at underground so the world cannot see the excruciating pain of the victim. There are many ways of this torture but the harshest is the “rack”. How does the feeling that you're going to split in two sound to you? The rack, for those of you who don't know, is a tablesque sort of contraption. The victim is laid down on it, with his wrists tied above his head on the table, and his feet chained to the other end. The torturer would tighten the tension, resulting in broken limbs and eventual amputation.

Then there is the “water torture” where a tube forced down the throat, forcing the victim to take in large amounts of water in short amounts of time. At a glance, this might not seem as bad as some aforementioned torture methods. But, drinking too much water can result in water intoxication. Water intoxication encompasses muscle weakness, and vomiting. Eventually, cells in the brain will swell, resulting in seizures, comas, brain damage, and death.

Some lack patience and prefer instant gratification. They kill their victim instantly with a gun at pint blank range. The aim is often at the head or, less commonly, into the mouth, under the chin, or pointed at the chest. In this way the victim will die instantly without any pain. Another way is by slitting the throat or the wrist with a knife

What ever the method used both ways will result in expiration instantly.