Toyota Brand Comparison

University of Phoenix
Professor Michael Ballif
May 11, 2015

Toyota Brand Comparison
The author of this paper will describe to the reader reasons that the Toyota Brand is one to be passionate about. The reader will learn how Toyota is building customer loyalty across different groups as well as comparing the company with two of its competitors.
Reasons for passion
The Toyota Motor Corporation has built its reputation across the globe from giving its customers a vehicle that is not only dependable but, built to take the wear and tear of everyday driving as well as the extreme abuse of the off-road enthusiast. Toyota is known worldwide for the longevity of its vehicles and can be found at any location you may visit. Toyota Motor Corporation has made a vehicle that is affordable to the public, easy to maintain and will hold its resale value just as well if not better than its competitors. Vehicles being compared are the Toyota Land Cruiser, Range Rover Discovery and the Jeep Cherokee.
Why are they successful
Gorzelany (2015), "Toyota Motor Corp. enjoys the most-faithful buyers in the auto industry, with some surprising vehicles garnering the largest percentage of repeat business in the second quarter of 2012, according to a just issued report compiled by Experian Automotive in Schaumburg, Ill." (para. 1). Studies have shown that Toyota maintains good relations with its customers as well. Palermo 2015), "Car shoppers returning to a dealership to buy another vehicle of the same brand represent a strong endorsement of their satisfaction with their chosen marque. Two research firms, Experian and Kelly Blue Book (KBB), track brand loyalty and release their findings on a quarterly basis. While the results vary, a few manufacturers are clear leaders by either study\'s measure. Hyundai and Kia are seeing a rise in loyalty in the most recent KBB and Experian studies, while Ford and Toyota are strong finishers in each firms\' last two reports" (para. 1)
Range Rover. Range Rover has long been a competitor of the Toyota brand and a much more expensive vehicle not only to obtain but, to maintain as well. Although these vehicles can be found the world over, they do come at a premium and have seen setbacks to their line up as well. The latest version of the Discovery model from Land Rover Range Rover had a bleak offering in the engine and has now come to use the Jaguar engine to replace the enamored engine. According to Autoexpress (2015), "Land Rover has announced the Discovery Sport SUV is now available to order fitted with JLR\'s brand new 2.0-litre Ingenium diesel engine range, also being used in the new Jaguar XE" (para. 1).
Jeep. The Jeep Cherokee was brought into the public eye as a more luxurious counterpart of the venerable Jeep CJ. The manufacturer saw a need to compete against the offerings of Toyota and Range Rover for those who wanted to enjoy the outdoors but also wanted to have more creature comforts than those found in either the CJ5 or CJ7. The Cherokee has been able to make a name for itself within the off-road community but has recently been plagued with setbacks to its latest model lineup. Vallequette (2015), "DETROIT -- Fiat Chrysler executives say they are straightening out software problems with the automaker\'s nine-speed automatic transmission, but nagging issues persist. Consumer complaints on the website about the 2014 Jeep Cherokee describe hard shifts, lunging, unexpected disengagement of the transmission or repeated illumination of malfunction lights" (Another fix for Jeep\'s troubled 9-speed).

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