Traditions in the Home
My 2 shows are full house and my wife and kids. The message in my wife and kids is that family loyalty is important and any problem can be resolved if you talk about and another lesson is if you disobey or do something the father or the mother told you not to do you will taught a lesson by them tricking you or them taking away something from the kids for example the kids said they didnít need the dad to take care of them when there mom was away on a trip so the dad didnít do anything and said they can do it themselves like wake them up for school or cook dinner for them until they apologized.

The message in full house is family comes first, there was a time when Uncle Jesse wanted to play with his band but didnít want to leave his family. They also talk about problems that they have in a family and they always end in everybody being happy.

My wife and kids full house
3 kids 5 kids
2 parents love eachother 3 parents
Always showed
Them in bed have conflict no parents in bed
Both have a friend that comes
Over every day.