I?ve seen this movie before, but I have only appreciated it when I watched it again. I never realized how important it is to live until this movie was introduced to us. Tuesdays with Morrie tells a true to life story about a successful T.V. host/star that meets again with his old professor sixteen years after promising ?to keep in touch?. Mitch hears nothing of his old professor until one night on T.V. he saw Morrie being interviewed and found out that his professor was terminally ill. He then began to visit his professor every Tuesday and soon realized that he still had a lot to learn about values in life.

Morrie Schwartz is diagnosed with ALS (Lou Gherig?s disease). He meets with Mitch every Tuesday in his home to teach him about the meaning of life. Morrie is such a noble man. There are a lot of possible approaches I could use to describe Morrie?s characteristics. One approach is the psychodynamic approach. He became a teacher because of his father. He didn?t want to be like his father or have a work like his father had. He would never do work that used people, that hurt them, or degraded them. Due to his early family experiences he became a teacher. Instead of having someone work for him or having himself working for another person and be cursed at, he had a worked that was done by him. A work that he loved doing, that he knew he would make money of because he enjoyed doing it.Another approach to describe Morrie Schwartz is the cognitive approach. He thinks, acts, speaks, and views life as such because he knows life as it is. It is how his mind processed his beliefs and that?s how it affects the way he behaves. He acts as such because of the way views life and reality.

Mitch Albom is Morries former student. He has become a sports reporter and leads a very fast paced life. Mitch is such a passive person. He does not react to anything because he is afraid. One approach to describe him is the sociocultural approach. At some point when he was talking to Morrie, I could feel that the aura or ambiance of the surrounding is somewhat depressing that one should let the tears fall down because of the strong emotion, but he didn?t. He did not cry because he thought that crying is for ladies and not for men. In modern times, if one sees a man crying, he is considered gay. I think he?s just refusing or stopping himself from crying because it?s not accepted in the society. Everything he does, he based on the society. He just goes with the flow of the changes of the environment.