Under what circumstances have you worked with the applicant?
Kenny was my supervisor in the company, therefore I was working under him while, at the same time, I worked collaboratively with him to accomplish numerous tasks on a daily basis and we have successfully worked through numerous projects together .

Describe the applicants ability to communicate…
Kenny is able to express his ideas very thoroughly and proficiently to others . He is very well spoken and is able to offer extremely valuable insight when he is asked to find a solution to a problem. If he is asked to write down a solution to a problem or explain his reasoning for a solution, he is able to convey his ideas very clearly and concisely so that everyone is able to benefit from his insight .

What characteristics of the applicant lead you…
Kenny exhibits a profound interest in learning and he has displayed outstanding leadership and management skills in the workplace . Therefore, a graduate level study in business would greatly benefit Kenny because he will be able to hone in on his leadership and management skills so that he may pursue much bigger success in the field of management.

Kenny's greatest strength is his ability to work with others and his leadership potential. Kenny is extremely proficient while working in a team and he knows how to convey his ideas very clearly and concisely. Kenny displays profound leadership skills by making sure everyone is up to speed with their work and he makes sure no one's ideas are left unheard. Moreover, he knows how to make important decisions, be it split-second or long-term, that will ultimately always benefit the team as a whole and contribute to the team's overall success.