Name: Stpehanie Gonzalez
Requirements for Unit 5:

10 hours of a physical activity or sport. (20 points)
1 sport article with summary and opinion. (5 points)
1 diet or fitness article with summary and opinion.(5 points)
Course Paper completed. (50 points) Please remember that your paper must be at least 500 words and double spaced. If you type it, please use a 12-point font. See page 6 for more details.

Final Steps
At this time your Course Paper is due. Turn it in when you turn in the rest of the Unit five. Make sure the guidelines discussed earlier have been met. If you do not turn in your paper, you will not be able to pass the class, so make sure your paper is finished and ready to go.

Once you and others have reviewed the initial draft(s), you can use this collective information to polish the final draft. How carefully you polish your essay determines how effective it will be. Here are some steps to consider when smoothing out the rough edges:

Read your work aloud again and listen for stumbling.
Consider any of these four ways to make changes: add more detail; cut away repetitive phrases; combine sentences for a smoother flow of ideas; write it another way.
Look up any word that looks strange. Your intuition will spot 95% of the errors even if you do not know what the correct spelling should be
If a word, sentence, or paragraph bothers you, write two new versions. One of them will please you.

Ask someone to proofread your essay for you. All too often, what could be a first-rate essay creates a negative impression because of too many rough spots. So allow the time and effort to show that you do care, by eliminating the crossouts, misspellings, poor transitions, and awkward phrasing that detract from even the liveliest of essays.
Look at the sample essay on the next two pages to give you an idea of what a good paper looks like.

Sample Essay

There are many health risks when it comes to smoking. The first reports about the dangers of smoking tobacco were published in 1859. However, in America and around the world, cigarette smoking has increased. Forty-four percent of adults smoked by 1949. Smoking has been made to look glamorous and appealing in movies and magazines. By 1980, only twenty-six percent of American adults were smokers, after the Surgeon General released a report on cigarette smoking in 1988.
The Surgeon General's message shocked the nation: smoking kills. The image of smoking began to change from a glamorous habit to a habit that may have had harmful consequences. Then, in 1986, the Surgeon General reported that many studies have demonstrated that those who did not smoke but breathed in cigarette smoke had an increased likelihood of health problems. This led to the passing of state laws restricting cigarette smoking in restaurants, stores, banks, and in the workplace in forty-two states by 1988.
What is in a cigarette that is so dangerous? Cigarettes contain tobacco leaves, which are burned and inhaled into the lungs, releasing two thousand chemicals, including nicotine, tar, and carbon dioxide, Nicotine is what gives the smoker satisfaction. It is also the chemical that causes the smoker to become so addicted. Nicotine is a stimulant and meets all the standards of an addictive drug; it alters the mood, it produces tolerance and with drawl symptoms, and its use becomes a compulsive behavior.

After a while, smoking begins to provide some obvious negative effects on the body. A deep cough, bad breath, discolored teeth, and clothes and hair that smell of smoke are some of these. Smokers also get out of breath much more easily and they begin to notice that they cannot do many of the physical activities they used to. However, tobacco smoking brings much more serious problems than these.
It has been shown that smoking can cause bronchitis emphysema, heart disease, lung cancer, and other types of cancer. The lung cancer death rate for smokers is fifteen to twenty-five times greater than that for non-smokers, and seventy-five percent of people who die from lung cancer are smokers. Even non- smokers are