Victoria Minh
Date: May 11 , 2016
Period 2A
"A Peace Built on Quicksand"
Negative effect on the U.S.
Rejected the Treaty of Versailles
Many Americans objected to the settlement and to President Wilson\'s League of Nations
Best hope for peace was to stay out of European affairs
U.S. worked out a separate treaty with Germany and its allies several years later
Negative effect on Europe
Throughout Africa and Asia, people in the mandated territories were angry at the way the Allies disregarded their desire for independence
European colonialism continued in Asia and Africa
Japan and Italy entered the war to gain territory, had gained less than they wanted
The War\'s Extreme Cost
Death of human life
About 8.5 million soldiers died in the war
21 million more were wounded
Led to the death of civilians by way of starvation, disease, and slaughter
Devastating economic impact on Europe
Total cost of the war- $338 billion
War destroyed acres of farmland, homes, villages, and towns
A Lost Generation
Impact on society
Sense of di si llusionment settled on the survivors
Insecurity and despair people experienced are reflected in the art and literature of the time
Immediate impact was to help ignite one of the most significant events of the 20 th century: Russian Revolution