Week 2 Concepts
Jennifer Linnell
ARTS 100
November 28, 2015
Shay Tyler

Week 2 Concepts
Before ARTS 100, I never put a lot of thought into the elements of composition. After reviewing the eight elements of composition in art, I feel that movement, rhythm, and focus are the three most important, with the focus being first. The focus, or emphasis, in art gives the viewer a focal point so that the eyes of the viewer are not left wondering and feeling lost. The focus of the painting must be able to connect with the viewer on an emotional, situational, aspirational, or intellectual level. A perfect example would be Munich\'s The Scream. Whether you are looking across the sky or following the lines down the pier, your eyes will still meet at the picture\'s focus: the face with the hands on the ears. The face is able to grab the viewer on an emotional level by portraying a look of anxiety or dread. This painting was created to give the viewer a wave of emotions, always leading back to the focal point. The lines throughout the painting, showing the flowing of the water and the ripples in the sky, show the element of movement.