Staci McDade
English 1102
CRN 40511
Diagnostic Essay
January 20, 2013
Why College Students Should Ride Bicycles
What is the most useful form of transportation to a college student? You may be surprised, but in my opinion, a college student can reap more benefits with a bicycle than with a car or a truck. Bicycles help to save students time and money while promoting a healthy lifestyle, convenience, substantial cost savings, and significant health benefits to students.
To begin, riding a bicycle can cut student costs significantly. A nice bicycle can be purchased for fewer than one thousand dollars. In comparison, even a pre-owned car or truck can cost thousands. Also, bike riders don?t have to worry about costly maintenance, insurance, and repairs. Since a bicycle is propelled by a student?s own body, there is also no need to spend on gas. Finally, students save on parking permits. Students are not charged to park in bike racks. Most college students are concerned about saving money and a bicycle can definitely help.
In addition, bicycles are extremely convenient. Riding a bike allows a student to travel with ease. There is no fear of being late to class because of a traffic jam, and students are also the benefit of front row parking. When you add up the time spent in traffic and walking from a parking spot at the back of the lot to your class, a bicycle can save students hours in travel time.
Finally, bicycling is a form of exercise and helps promote a healthier lifestyle. Riding a bike is aerobic exercise and will help keep students healthy. Students will burn calories while riding and will lessen their chances of gaining weight. Exercise has been proven to relieve stress as well. Bike riders will be happier and healthier than students who choose to drive.
In conclusion, riding a bike will enhance a student?s college experience. The time they save can be used for recreation or studying, the money saved can equate to less student loan debt, and the health benefits can improve their body and soul. I urge every student to try it for themselves.