What Utilitarianism Is

Utili tarianism is this paper is based on the Greatest happiness principle. This principles states that morals are based on whether something makes you happy or not. Different reasons of happiness, different morals. This applying the least pain. Humans lean towards the things that gives/causes them the least pain and the most happiness. The well being of ourselves is the base of our morals. This sets our view between right or wrong. Of it inflicts pain is wrong, if it causes causes happiness, pleasure or anything between those line, Is right. Unhappiness is basically the privation of pleasure. All desirable things are wanted because of the pleasure it causes on them or the prevention of of pain it can have. Now, quantity and quality of pleasure varies on every person. Some human beings do prefer quality over quantity. The prefer certain pleasure that may not be abundant but it does allow them to reach a higher level of happiness and satisfaction than other type pleasures that might be more abundant. Others appreciate both quantity and quality, for them there has to be a perfect balance in order for them to feel satisfied. Because of this, the level of enjoyment intensity is chosen over the level of quantity of the pleasure. Is only logic to think that human beings will lean towards the one that makes them more happy even though it will last less. Morals are based in our happiness, therefore by nature we are driven to take decisions thinking about our well beings. That's the mechanism of sur vival. We, by nature, want what is the best for us, what makes us feel the happiest and more comfortable. No human beings voluntarily looks for pain, we avoid it at all costs. That's the reason why our morals and decisions are based on the Greatest happiness principle.

I completely disagree with this. Obviously humans do not wan to feel pain but this almost sounds brutally selfish. What if the pain of others is what makes one happy? If our morals are based on what makes us happy then that will make every unhuman desire-that some human unfortunately have- right just because this person was doing what makes him/her happy. That cannot go through my thinking process without a negative response. This way of seeing morals and decisions is completely selfish and unthoughtful. Pleasure and desires vary with every human being. Some of them base their happiness on unhuman and horrible thoughts or actions. If all of our morals are only based on what makes only us happy then, humanity is really naturally driven to be selfish and at the end of the day only care about it self. This is an actual quality many human beings have but I can't go to the conclusion that is justified because of the ‘Greatest happiness principle'. This paper is demonstrating the logical truth but I do not agree with the fact that it can justified or called as a right action because humans will always lean towards what makes them and gives them the highest pleasure.