In William Butler Yeats’ poem “When You are Old”, the speaker is addressing his beloved saying that when she is aged she should read a particular book which will remind her of her youth. She will remember the people who had loved her grace and her beauty with either real or fake sentiments in the past, and also that one man who had loved her soul unconditionally as she grew old and the way she looked changed. As she is reminded of him, she will regret her missed opportunity of true love.
This poem was touching and somewhat sad for me especially because it was accompanied by an actual story in the video. The lady in the video talks about the Ukraine and moving and missing it. I too moved from Romania and that is my ‘beloved’ which I miss. I am happy here but maybe when I am old, I will think back and think of not living there as a ‘missed opportunity of true love’.
I did enjoy watching the video and the poem being read to me and that added a level of nostalgia. Indeed a poem can really come to life when there is a voice behind it. Additionally, the lady reader had a touching story which accompanied the poem and made it even more meaningful.