Why do we dream at night?

Blake Willis

Out in our universe, we know about a star cluster millions of light years away, when it was born, when it will die, and where it is. But, I had a dream last night, and most people have no idea why.
At night, everybody has around 7 to 10 dreams each night, each getting longer than the one before. During the night, the conscious mind goes into a state called REM, Rapid Eye Movement, sleep. This is a stage where people start to dream. While your brain is not telling other parts of your body what to do or how to act, it starts to come up with ideas of its own. With the current events that are currently active in your brain, it simulates scenarios dealing with possible examples that could happen in real life. Think of it as anxiety. Your brain is preparing you for bad situations that could happen in the future to prevent anxiety. This is why people have "nightmares".