Why Some Students Drop Out College

College is a transitional shift to adult hood. Many students get filled with joy when knowing that they will be leaving high school. Therefore, some take this opportunity and work hard for maintaining it but others careless and don't appreciate it. Moreover, some of these fortunate students on the other hand, become misfortunate and do not finish their college degree for various reasons.
One of the popular reasons for dropping out of college is personal issues, like. getting married, academic standards, and college difficulty. Mostly, some female students find studying difficult after marriage. This dilemma occurs because of being unable to balance between the house and college responsibilities. In addition, other students leave college because of its low academic standards. Those believe that the specialty courses provided by that college are academically inadequate. On the other hand, other students withdraw from college due to its difficulty. After a year of struggling with their general courses, they realize that they are academically unqualified to complete their BA degree.
Another well known cause for quitting college is culture and tradition. In some families, men prohibit their wives from going to college. In their opinion, the husbands believe that it is a bad habit for women to leave their homes for the cause of education. Home to them comes first; getting women educated is a waste of time and money. Women should never exceed men's social or academic status. In addition, many statistics state that around 57% of the women in Saudi Arabia are not allowed to continue their education due to this reason.
In short, the reasons for dropping out college vary from one student to another. It depends on the student's causes and circumstances for doing so. Mostly, these purposes are strongly imposing therefore; students are forced to drop out of college left without a choice.