Why Student Drop out of college
The importance of education is undeniable and obvious but most of the students don?t understand how education is important. The college dropout rates have increased severely that effects our society and that finances for most of the students and those students end up dropping out. Most college students have experienced too much stress form their assignment, maintaining their job life and college life and personal problems. As a student we were taught the dream of going to college and the real life examples from our families teach us the importance of going to college. Most of students that drop out of college lose their friends and families. There are many different effects student drop out of college, relationships, and financial aid, personal and family problems.
On of the common effect Students dropping out of college is getting married, failing their classes, personal issues and college difficulty. In addition students leave college because of their low grades and failing classes. Low grades occurs when the student turn in late assignments, coming late to class, not paying attention in class and especially those students who goes home and doesn?t study for the final exams.