Johnson, Candyce
AP English Lang
Dr. Smith
25 March 2015

“The Wilderness Idea” Argument

“Without any remaining wilderness we are committed wholly, without chance for even momentary reflection and rest, to a headlong drive into out technological termite-life, the Brave New World of a completely man-controlled environment,” was written in an essay by Wallace Stegner. Since man has explored the lands of the world and seen all the sights, that lastly, his yearning instinct for exploration resides within technology. Exploring new possibilities, seeing what is possible to create, and imagining new potentials, one day they will control the actions around the “wilderness” through technology. As the worlds’ population grows, technology has evolved lives where eventually it controls us as a whole.
Technology evolves everyday and this evolution controls young generations’ lives day by day. Cell phones, tablets, and computers controls groups of all ages whether it pollutes their minds or affects their diets. In older generations, children and teens would play outside and focus on things that would be useful to them in the future. In present times, teens and children download apps and play them or pollute their mind with social media and sit around like “couch potatoes.” By doing these routines daily, it can start to affect our diets by what we eat starting to grow on us and start to gain weight. Since we are so enticed with our devices it controls us by not exercising and watching what we eat. Adults from older generations tend to describe what life was like before technology started to control man’s environment.
While growing up around technology in the young generation, my mom often reminisces on her childhood without the advanced technological ideas. When doing homework, if frustrated, my generation will attempt to Google an answer, while my mom says that she would have to continue to read to find the answer. This was the only plausible choice for her because books were the only useful tools to have an answer provided to the student. Technology has effected education as well. Instead of reading, teens will use the Internet to get an answer; allowing teens to become ignorant because they are not searching for answers, they are looking for answers and copying them. Although this idea of technology can create negative opinions, technology can also enhance man’s environment in positive ways.
Technology has also improved our lives in various matters. In the medical environment, technology has allowed scientists to create vaccines for many diseases that are yet to become curable. With new enhancements within medical fields, technological ideas also find ways to search for new diseases that are already contracted or that are not yet contracted that can be prevented in the future. Although cellular devices pollute teens minds, phones allow them to contact emergencies, related to parents, guardians and authorities, rapidly than searching for pay phones. Technology has evolved tremendously that it allows new ideas to get promoted so man can adapt and use them. In various explanations, technology can have both good and bad effects on an environment.
Since man has explored the lands of the world and seen all the sights, that lastly, his yearning instinct for exploration resides within technology. Technology can have positive effects that can result in new cures for diseases or discovering new diseases that can be prevented. It can have negative effects that can effect children by having them enticed to their devices where they create health problems. Health problems can result into obesity and diabetes because they do not exercise. In ways, technology has controlled man environment, but it has not. Technology has inspired some and have hidden others. Technology will continue to evolve and new discoveries will be made that the world will soon benefit from.