Wireless Technologies Proposal
Mrs. Betty Jenkins
Party Plates, Inc.
8462 Anywhere Lane
Smalltown, AZ. 00000

July 30, 2012

Subject: Proposal to Introduce Wireless Technologies


The purpose of this proposal is to give the client?s at Party Plates some information on wireless technologies. It is known that there are a number of devices available, but Team A will show Mrs. Jenkins what will make the company more efficiency with what today?s market has to offer. Wireless device are small enough to transport or wear, has enough capacity to carry out productive tasks, and can correspond wirelessly with the Internet and other methods. The capabilities of these devices are amazing; one can have a Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, GPS, an organizer, and a scheduler all-in-one application. The three wireless technologies that are going to be discussed are:
1. Apple iPhone 4s
2. Apple iPad
3. Scanworld A2000R Mini Wireless Barcode Scanner

With the Apple iPhone, one will be able to schedule meetings by talking to the phone and it will deliver the message to all of your employees that have the company?s iPhone. You can also send e-mail to more than one person at a time. This phone has the most sophisticated operating system which is very easy to use. The pros of using this device allows viewing and editing documents, has a personal assistant called Siri, and it also dictates the texts and the emails. (iPhone in Business, 2012) The cons of using this device are not workable in some market sectors, has not reported asset tracking, no option for security management. (Brandon, 2010).
With the Apple iPad, one can access files, change office docs, generate forms, attend meetings, note taking, examine reports, and give company presentations. (iPad in Business, 2012) The pros of using this device represent future computing, impress clients, and a stern business tool. The cons of using this device can be expensive and not quite ready prime time. (Casey, 2011)
With the Scanworld A2000R Mini Wireless Barcode Scanner one will be able to automatically send data to the iPads when updates are needed and it also automatically sends the price to computers and has the ability to scan 50,000 pieces per month (Beijing Scanworld Electronics Co., Ltd., 2012). The pros of using this device is being more proficient by saving the employees time, mobility, and can transfer up to 12 megabits per second. (BarcodeDiscount, 2011) The cons of using this device could make the asset more disapproving than approving, cannot work while it is in the power foundation, it has to be charged. (BarcodeDiscount, 2011)
All these devices will benefit Party Plates, by allowing the co-workers to get work done without being around one another all the time. They are great for business meetings because of the face time application that they have available. It also increases productivity, time management and gives you better work/life balance. An iPad can benefit the company with tasks such as tapping out a report or sending a lengthy email reply. The limitations of a tablet enable working on one task at a time without distractions by temptations, such as checking email. ("Take A Tablet to Manage Time," 2012) The iPhone 4s is a great tool to use because the employees will be able to have conference calls. The only differences would be that they are able to make phone calls on the iPhone 4s and the screen is much smaller than the iPad, but they are both great for conducting business on. The scanner is a great tool by allowing employees to scan important documents or advertisements and send emails of what was scanned to the customers, managers and co-workers. These wireless devices were created to make office work easy and smooth.
The risks of using wireless technology like iPhones and iPads is that the technology itself may come across technical issues. For example, depending on the area of the company one may have to worry about weak WiFi signals, slow loading of important information, and drop calls. Another vital thing to think about is employees using the wireless devices for personal use while they are on the job. We must also keep in mind that some people may be better than others when it comes to using these types of wireless devices.

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