Working with Employees
Neteyah James
Working with Employees
This paper is about an interview I conducted to see the workplace from a manager's perspective. This is to see the problems they face as well as the things that go on that they can control, and can't control in the workplace. This paper will address those issues as well as give recommendations to the individual on ways they can better the environment between managers, and floor workers. It's more to being a manager than just making sure the rules are in place. It takes you showing leadership amongst adversity, and any problem that may come your way. It also takes the person being a role model amongst employees even when they don't want to be. This will be a more in-depth insight into the relationship between the managers, and people on the floor. The more it gets talked about the more the relationship can be worked on, and improvements can be made.
The person I interviewed was a friend of mines who goes by the name of Clarissa Z. She works for a dog daycare, and is currently the manager. Her duties are: To make sure the roles are assigned to each person on shift, assist with the hiring process, Make sure the facility is in working order, and clean, check in with the doggy parents about any concerns or questions, Talk to employees when she sees a problem. Also, come to the people above her with any concerns or questions. When talking to Clarissa she let me know that a few things about her role, and how it is amongst the team for her. She was on the floor like everyone else, and was picked amongst her peers to move up. This caused to rift in the team, and that is what we will discuss further more.
The Interview
What are some of the common problems that you have experienced with employees? When speaking to the manager some common problems she experienced as the manager was knowing that fine line between being friends, and being the manager. She often had a hard time laying the law down because the floor workers were good friends of hers, and it just didn't feel right. Well because of this her boss pulled her into a meeting, and had a talk with her about what it means to be a manager, and how to effectively deal with team issues, and still keep a friendship. She stated that when she did engage in her duties as a manger she was not received the way her bosses said she would be. Instead, her friends/co-workers got upset with her, and said she was abusing her position in power. This of course caused her to lose some friends at her workplace, and caused some tension within the team.
Identify two major problems that the manager mentions and ask how he or she has responded to those problems: Two major problems that the manager mentioned was one how some of the workers don't follow the protocol for keeping the dogs separate by weight. There is a little dogs section, a big dogs section, and a medium dogs section. The dogs are separated this way to ensure safety for all the dogs. Well some workers allow different dogs in the section which caused a fight between a big dog, and small dog to occur. This resulted in the smaller dog getting injured very badly. Unfortunately, this fell on her as the manager because it shouldn't have happened on her watch. She said that she wasn't able to attend to every second on the floor because she was handling paperwork out front which is another one of her duties. All in all she was still written up for the incident happening on her watch. This goes into her second problem as well. Her second problem being that her workload is way too much for her to handle at times. When she approached her boss about this matter she was simply told "If she wants to be manager she'll figure out." So she doesn't feel very supported when it comes to her bosses being involved. This has become a huge issue for her because she doesn't